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"Capturing Vintage Romance: A Classic Car Engagement Session in the Hill Country - Engagement Photos"

Working with couples from start to finish is truly such a blossoming experience. Getting to know who you are working with, what is important to them and makes them smile from ear to ear. Most importantly ,how they fell in love.

When I first talked to Nadia she had told me she wanted to surprise Luis with his favorite classic car for their engagement session. That was all I needed to know about her. Nadia wanted to make this shoot not just for her, but her future husband.

A 1969 Chevelle Malibu SS

Very quickly into the engagement session we caught onto their vibe. Nadia and Luis are the type to tease each other and end it off with a kiss. Throughout the whole session we laughed and probably used every square inch of this classic to get the shots.

Editorial and classic was the only way to describe Nadia's fit with the pearl elbow length gloves and her timeless off the shoulder dress. These engagement photos captured everything of their essence. We settled on spot in Canyon Lake , Tx overlooking the sweet hill country.

When all was said and done we went well over the hour just because Jordan and I too were having fun at this sweet engagement session. Photo below is a reminder of why my back is always hurting ( DO BETTER) I say to myself as I edit. This reminds me of one of those analogies the photos VS what it really was. Working on my posture and my blogging.

If you do decide to go for a classic car, I suggest a classic fit. Black and white is ALWAYS timeless and Nadia and Luis came to stop the show. Your engagement session doesn't have to be in a field at sunset if that isn't your vibe. To be honest, the more customized it is to you and your partner the more comfortable you will feel and it will show in your photos. Check out below for the full gallery

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