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Color Schemes, The Recipe for Success

“Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I see before me, I make more arbitrary use of color to express myself more forcefully.” — Vincent Van Gogh

This quote really resonates with the intentional use of selecting colors that compliment you and also make your body feel good. A tone for setting the evening and for all of the memories to follow

1. Classic Sage

Sage and the neutral color palette of greens give an elegant timeless feel. Green is said to invoke emotions of security, rest, and peace. With hints of eucalyptus around the dinner table the florals gave a classic yet effortless feel, not to mention the smell. Green pairs well with many different colors including neutral earth tones, white, red, blush, and even bold colors.

2. Cranberry Winter

Shades of Red have proven time and time again to be photo worthy when paired with any shade of green. If you are a bride who loves pops of Color this is the perfect scheme to use to highlight any special sentiments on your special day. A special trick to remember is including a few earth tones and utilizing the opposite side of the color wheel for complimentary tones.

3. Earth Accents

Earth tones are always a personal favorite. Earth tones in psychology bring up feelings in the body of reassurance, warmness, and comfortability. Brown hues represent the familiarity with soil and of new beginnings. Personally, a top favorite to photograph and edit. You can always spice up an earth tone palette with a Bold pop of Orange or Red to highlight a subject or sentiment.

4. Autumn Leaves

This Bold and Vibrant Color Scheme is the perfect aesthetic for a fall wedding. The bright hues of orange and yellow really make details like the table setting and cake POP. This special setup included pumpkins, bright orange roses, and a ton of color. These tones set a vibe for warmth, comfort, and calmness. A FAVORITE to photograph

There are MANY color schemes you can choose for your special day. Finding colors that are complimentary to you and your partner can be an intentional and meaningful time to reflect on the things you love. Once you pick a color scheme other things such as decor and theme fall together in one. By including natural or earth hues in your scheme you can ensure your colors will compliment each other and not clash. Something such as picking colors may seem small but it can make all of the difference in your gallery.

If you have made it this far thank you so incredibly much for taking the time to read and be sure to subscribe for future updated Blog posts.

Happy Planning , Dani


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